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Type: Blog   |   Turnaround: 4 weeks   |  Top Feature: Captivating Content

Daniel McConnell’s magnificent musings as a yacht engineer, DJ, Dad and all-round globetrotter shine in this modern, MailChimp-integrated redesign of his longstanding (and amazing) blog.

Type: Services   |   Turnaround: 4 weeks   |  Top Feature: Bespoke Booking System

A sleek services showcase website including a fully integrated booking system, embedded Instagram feed, services price list and latest Google Business reviews. Made to specification for the best barbershop in Manchester, England.

Type: Artists Portfolio   |   Turnaround: 2 weeks   |   Top Feature: Stunning Artwork

A snazzy portfolio site showcasing the beautiful and inspiring artworks of a Staffordshire based mixed-media artist. Similarities in surname, values, moral compass, hometown and facial structure to the client are purely coincidental.

Type: Interior Design   |   Turnaround: 4 Weeks   |   Top Feature: Project Showcases

A stylish interior design showcase for the wonderful Kym Ty. Kym’s vision is showcased with masonry galleries, images with interactive hotspots and before and after images sliders to allow users to witness Kym’s amazing influence.

Type: Travel Blog   |   Turnaround: 3 weeks   |   Top Feature: Photo/Video Galleries

A media-focused blog celebrating the globe-trotting exploits of two impassioned explorers. 1 time around the world (42,300km) so far. Keep it up, dudes! This website continues to attract subscribers and followers from all around the world.

Type: Card Game   |   Turnaround: 2 Weeks   |   Top Feature: Live-Arrests Map

A pointed black and white site for Felony Sweepstakes™, an ‘immoral game of chance using real-life criminals’. This site features the games rules, orientation videos and a ‘Live Arrests Map’ for players to build their Lineup in the game.

Type: Online Resume   |   Turnaround: 2 Days   |   Top Feature: Minimalist Style

Presented in a minimalist white and blue format, this website has been designed to draw focus to Tom’s personal and professional creations and characteristics, including; photo galleries, interactive ‘about me’ area and embedded videos.

Type: Sports Blog   |   Turnaround: 3 Days   |  Top Feature: Clean Interface

A sharp sports blog offering spectacular insights, highlights and metrics for the World of Women’s Football. Made to specification for an impassioned and devoted lover of all things women’s football.


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